In Memoriam A.C. 13 June, 2015

Ann Cranley

In Memoriam A.C.
13 June, 2015

On the day of Ann Cranley's funeral
a cold-dark cloud
calmly settled
over the bird-quiet garden,
alarms in the distance ceased
and the early morning traffic
disappeared down the Bray Road.
On the day of the funeral
there were no flags lowered,
no salutes silenced, no
gun shots fired,
not a single one.
On this day of all days,
not a dream was left in
this poverty-stricken town.
On this day, of all days
not a cry against injustice
Instead, on the day
of Ann Cranley’s funeral
the songbirds left my garden,
went missing in action
in the dull, cold,
early-morning silence
as I stepped between
these alien worlds
on my way from work,
like all heartbroken workers
bereft of the future:
this life endured,
our furious freedom
fought so long for.

séamas carraher

16-20 June, 2015, Ballyogan.
Cloonchambers, 21-27 June, 2015.



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