Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Poetry Journal Links

Bare Trees at Pine Ridge, West of Ireland
...from    Whistling with Love & 16 Songs of Love & Despair
An Introduction & 3 Poems from...
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The Beating of Bodies
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The Transparency of Perfection

The Sun Cracked Her Blinds

Letter to a Beloved

The Dancing Mirrors 

3 Poems from 16 Poems of Love & Despair

 ...from   The Red Notebook / political poems
South Inner City Dublin, by Cathal Dawson
The Revolt of my Stomach

It is this Ghost Called Fathering, Son
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The Fish of Nobodies  

Like a Man with Bare Head Under the Bewildering Rain

Throwing Light at the Darkness  

The Impossibility of Heartbreak

The Murderers Indicted

i Accuse

Where Sheep Stare [dead link]
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O All My Life

(November 2012 Issue)

September Falling in Stone
Dead Beats Literary Blog: Our latest piece is by Irish writer, Séamas Carraher and is a poem entitled 'September Falling in Stone'. Ostensibly about the cold thaw setting in as winter advances, the poem is suffused with political undertones and provides an acerbic yet subtle indictment about capitalist society. Take a look by clicking 'view post' and leave any feedback below. 

The Eyes of a Child, their Eloquence, Width and Weaponry

Famine Grave

Human Need

Song of My Collective Self

On the Death of Jesús María Valle Jaramillo

The Corpse's Birthday

Dole Day

Me Self So Falls the Soviet Union

Work 3

The Spoon in my Eye

...from   The Song of Poverty

Sunflower Poem (in a Council Estate).pdf
Photograph By Ballyogan Celtic Youth

“Glory isn’t what the history books teach:
it’s a flock of buzzards in a field and a great stink.”
Ernesto Cardenal
“Zero Hour” (1954-56)

Lord of the Dole Queue
THE SHOp a magazine of poetry 
Spring 2013 Issue
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O Lord of the Unswept Road

Lord of Abandoned Cars

Lord, it is Easter Time

...from Dub(h)lin(n) - 20 poems of the city
Judas in the City


Bring out your Dead
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City of Justice, 1 & 2

On Ormond Quay

Busárus, My Selfish Love (2)
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Solomon in the City
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The Moon Over Blackrock Park 
(November 2015 Issue)

South Dakota Suite

...from   SHORT POEMS, Elegies & Laments 

September 17

Dead Bird
The Clown of Contradictions

The Palace of Love

The Tree that Withers in its Leaves

Séamas Carraher, Cathal Dawson, & the Ballyogan Celtic Youth Group