Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Poetry Journal Links

Bare Trees at Pine Ridge, West of Ireland
...from    Whistling with Love & 16 Songs of Love & Despair
An Introduction & 3 Poems from...

The Beating of Bodies
[dead link]

The Transparency of Perfection

The Sun Cracked Her Blinds

Letter to a Beloved

The Dancing Mirrors 

3 Poems from 16 Poems of Love & Despair

 ...from   The Red Notebook / political poems
South Inner City Dublin, by Cathal Dawson
The Revolt of my Stomach

It is this Ghost Called Fathering, Son

The Fish of Nobodies  

Like a Man with Bare Head Under the Bewildering Rain

Throwing Light at the Darkness  

The Impossibility of Heartbreak

The Murderers Indicted

i Accuse

Where Sheep Stare [dead link]

O All My Life

...from   The Song of Poverty

Sunflower Poem (in a Council Estate).pdf
Photograph By Ballyogan Celtic Youth

“Glory isn’t what the history books teach:
it’s a flock of buzzards in a field and a great stink.”
Ernesto Cardenal
“Zero Hour” (1954-56)

Lord of the Dole Queue
THE SHOp a magazine of poetry 
Spring 2013 Issue

O Lord of the Unswept Road

Lord of Abandoned Cars

...from   Dub(h)lin(n) 27 poems of the city
Judas in the City


Bring out your Dead

City of Justice, 1 & 2

On Ormond Quay

Busárus, My Selfish Love (2)

Dublin Street, 3

Dublin Street, 8 

 Dublin Street, 13

Dead Bird
The Clown of Contradictions

The Palace of Love

Séamas Carraher, Cathal Dawson, & the Ballyogan Celtic Youth Group